Best Summer-Vacation-Ish Movies

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There are few things better than a vacation movie (other than, like, taking a real vacation). But that can’t happen everyday. Here are the ones that I especially like to re-watch from time to time during the summer.

  1. Forgetting Sarah Marshall - it vaguely concerns me that Jason Segal isn’t more famous. I mean yeah he’s experienced a moderate amount of fame, but he’s way funnier than 90% of men more famous than him. I don’t get it. He was great on Freaks & Geeks and he’s the best part of this movie.

2. Weekend At Bernie’s - I always forget about this movie. It’s just a fun time. The premise remains one of the most original of all time, fight me.

3. Vicky Cristina Barcelona - the yellow tinge that engulfs this entire movie MIGHT be the sole reason it’s on this list. That and the idea of European threesomes.

4. Camp Cucamonga - look, this might only be on here because when I watch this, I feel 12 again. It was a made-for-TV movie that no one’s really ever heard of, but I loved it. I never went to a summer camp for an entire summer (I had parents who loved me?), so watching this felt like another reality to me. One that I could safely experience from the comforts of my living room.

5. Under The Tuscan Sun - I vow to find a way to slide this movie into every single list I ever make, it’s just that good of a movie.

6. Do The Right Thing - I really used to hate this movie because I found Spike Lee so obnoxious. I still do. That being said, this movie defines the hellishness of living in a city during the summer.

7. Jaws - I still watch this every few years around July 4th because it is still legitimately terrifying.

8. I Know What You Did Last Summer - I try to save this one for late August since that’s when it’s socially acceptable to start watching horror movies. That part where he’s crossing the street, chasing Sarah Michelle Gellar and she’s trying to get into the locked store gets me every time. SO TENSE.

9. Sleepaway Camp - I almost don’t want to say too much about this one. It’s perfect. In every way. Even if you hate horror movies, this one is so accessible and good, I implore you to watch it.

10. Little Giants - I feel like this is what The Sandlot was trying to achieve, but didn’t. It’s a pure as hell movie about misfit kids finding acceptance. And honestly, Rick Moranis has never attached himself to anything that wasn’t great.

Of course there are more that I could add to the list, but these are my absolute favourites.

Let us continue on with this disgusting season!

June Jaunts 2019

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Happy Canada Day! Here’s what went down last month.

  • I finally started taking collagen powder and I really think it’s working (thanks for the tip, Harmeet!) because my nails are longer than ever and my hair seems more luscious? I could just be feeling myself on the hair, though. Hard to tell for sure.

  • I made the mushroom garganelli pasta that I dream about from L’Artusi and it was phenomenal. The mushroom ragu tastes EXACTLY like it could be a meat sauce. Even Nathan agreed that it was amazing and he hates mushrooms. Makes zero sense. This dish is witchcraft.

  • Earlier this month, I finally overshared about what our new apartment looks like, if you’d care to take a look.

  • Made my way to see the new Camp exhibit at The Met.

  • Saw Late Night, and while I will always support that vision of a woman, the movie was only okay. Very specific opinion, but I wish Cate Blanchett had played the main character.

  • Speaking of Mindy, look at this gorgeous, perfect outfit.

  • Remember those flavoured powders for popcorn that were popular a few years ago? How have I never thought of making a homemade dill topping for at-home popcorn?! HOW?! Such a good idea.

  • Watched the Black Mirror episode Striking Vipers and loved it, I don’t want to even watch the other two new ones because how could they possibly be better than that one. (Also, are we really calling three episodes a season? Get real.)

  • I have made Ina Garten’s rigatoni with sausage & fennel so many times this month and I’m still not sick of it, such a crazy good pasta. Especially if you’re trying to impress someone.

  • IDEA: Turn burger buns into garlic bread, THEN eat as part of a burger.

  • I don’t know why but I finished The Big Bang Theory. I know, it’s embarrassing to admit. It was not a good show!

  • ‘NOTHER IDEA: Clean your Apple headphones with toothpicks! Totally didn’t know you could do this. And if you haven’t, you really should. Some nasty stuff gets up in there. It’s pretty satisfying to clean, too. Just do it in private.

  • Tried the (super tiny) burger at Whit’s End in Rockaway and yes it was good, but WHERE WAS THE REST OF IT?!

I should’ve put a quarter next to it for scale

  • I rewatched Waiting To Exhale (I think I saw it when I was a kid) and man, that movie holds up. So, so good.

  • So in love with this brand. I don’t love the phrase Toronto VS. Everybody, but if they make a Mississauga one? WATCH OUT.

  • Love this New Yorker piece my Dad sent me about getting a dog.

  • Gotta be honest, kinda excited to see the glaze waterfall. You know what makes Krispy Kreme better than most donuts? Not a lot of doughiness inside. The best kind of donut showcases the outside coating. A KK donut is all outside coating. It’s practically hollow on the inside. This is the secret. I could go on about this, but I’ve already said too much.

  • Completely forgot about the show You Wish, which I can’t stop watching. Summertime sadness?

  • Saw the new Child’s Play as well as the old one. Obviously the old one is better, but the new one really isn’t that bad. Human murderers are always better than robot murderers.

  • Excited for Samantha Irby’s book that comes out next year.

Salmon with dill sauce

  • Saw Ma in theatres and you know what it really wasn’t bad, whatever anyone tells you. I think I’d classify it as wacky as hell.

  • This is honestly the best egg salad I’ve ever had. It’s definitely due to the addition of dill pickle juice (fucking nuts for dill this month) and the elimination of celery.

  • Found maybe the best poutine in this country at The Astorian in Queens.

Check those fuckin’ curds

  • I started using Benefit’s Mini Gimme Brow and it’s cool?? Honestly, I don’t even know. Sometimes I think I need another, smarter woman to just sit me down and tell me what’s good and what’s not. This is supposed to help make thin eyebrows look bushy, right? If that is actually its intent, then it’s doing its job correctly.

  • All right, look. You KNOW that I hate having opinions on celebrities (ie. people NONE OF US KNOW), but I’m putting a hold on that for a sec. Here’s who I hated this month: Amber Rose (or anyone repping any fucking laxative tea), Bernie Sanders (the arrogance that comes off of this man… I can’t stand it, he doesn’t have all of the answers, can we please stop acting like he’s some sort of savior), and Chris Brown. How is Chris Brown still someone people are in love with? How are people still okay with him? MAN BEATS PEOPLE. For fuck sake.

  • The only winner this month.

  • Love this exchange so much.

And that was June! Some things I’d like to do this month: visit Profundo Day Club for the rooftop pool, find some humidity-proof houseplants (recommendations welcome), spend some time in Coney Island, try to see Crawl and maybe make some fun food for the 4th of July.

If you enjoy reading these monthly posts, you can find the one from last month over here.

Spring List 2019 Revisited

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Honestly, this was the greatest spring, weather-wise, in recent memory. We actually had a real spring! Some rain, cool nights, and not unbearably early heat. Just unreal. And with the worst season officially arriving tomorrow, we shall revisit my spring list.

  1. Eat at a Michelin starred restaurant (bonus points if I finally make it to Casa Enrique).

    • All right, so I went to a Michelin-recommended place (L’Artusi), which isn’t the same thing but it’s on the right path. But still. Not the same. No point.

  2. Go on a mini spring trip.

  3. See Us in theatres.

    • So done! Even watched it again at home! I should get double points, but let’s not get crazy. (Such a good movie, too!)

  4. Read Lindy West’s new book.

    • The date of the book was pushed to autumn! So I’ll take it off the list until that time.

  5. Make the salted caramel chocolate pie from the Waitress musical pie book (they sold these mini pies at intermission and this. pie. was. insanity. and it needs to be made).

    • I looked EVERYWHERE to find this recipe and it simply isn’t available to the public. I even looked in the official Waitress pie cookbook to no avail. So I took a photo of what the ingredients are on the actual pie container and will one day attempt to make it, not knowing exact measurements.

So in total? 2/4 - Not “good” but let’s move on.

Now welcome to hell on earth… summer.