Mako Hair Architects & Spa - Brampton, ON

by Liz Heather in ,

Let me start this by saying that I am not very loyal to any hairdresser. I like to shop around, and I get my hair cut maybe once every two years so it isn't a high priority for me since I've had the same hairstyle since grade three. Let us casually move past how abnormal that fact is, though, yes?

When I do force myself to get a trim, it's always too expensive. That's why I tend to go for Groupon hair deals instead. And this was the first actually amazing Groupon experience I've had. (Why were past Groupon deals bad? I don't know, just added on fees, a lot of attitudes when I present my coupon, silent judgement, etc.) I feel like I'm almost definitely going to make this place my go-to salon now. Why?

  • Every single woman in there was RIDICULOUSLY nice and talkative, but not in that boring "How's the weather? What do you do?" type way. That's probably what I loved most. Most hair places are all about chit chat, and that's fine if you're into that, but usually I find it boring, awkward and nobody's really that interested in anything the other is saying. Am I alone in thinking this? 
  • The hair stylist I had trimmed it exactly the way I wanted, WHICH IS RARE. Most of the ones I've had in the past do whatever they think would look good and it's usually always garbage. 
  • Somehow we started talking about some of the superstitions that my mom has passed on to me and she had totally heard of some of them before and GAVE ME MORE NEW ONES! So, obviously, lot of love for that. 
  • They also do coffee readings. And I think you already know that I'd be really into that. 

Just such a good experience. Definitely go here if you're looking for a new place that's actually good. It's near Main Street and Queen Street in Brampton. Also, the Groupon is still available here

Exact Address: 

20 Queen E, Brampton, ON

L6V 1A2, Canada

(905) 460 - 0500