The Problem With Ribfest

by Liz Heather in

You've probably been to at least one ribfest in your time on this planet. And if not? Well, okay then. I guess we're a different class of people, you and I. 

If you have gone to one, did you find it to be a well organized affair? Of course you didn't. Yeah, the ribs were probably great. Duh. But what's the real problem with this "fest"? Many things. Such as:

  • The lines.
  • No where to sit.
  • Expensive as hell ribs. 

And the biggest problem of all? No samples! What they should be doing is charging you a cover of some not-crazy amount which allows you to go around to many different rib booths and SAMPLE small amounts of their specialty ribs and/or sauces. And when you've picked your favourite place, YOU GO AND BUY A RACK FROM THAT PLACE. You know? Like they do it in chili cookoffs in movies? Now that makes sense. Nobody wants to settle down and pay a ton of money on some random type of UNTASTED ribs just because it was the shortest line! It's a festival! You want the best! 

I know I like to talk a lot about what I'd change if I were mayor - I realize that. But this ribfest business would be the first on my list to change. Makes me so mad that they don't know how to do it right.