Thank You

by Liz Heather in

Just so we're clear, I am grateful to you.

I know that sentence isn't enough - and that thought makes me so mad. I want to express so hard to you just how much it means to me that you would ever want to read any of these words or posts or anything that I've put up on this site over this past year. Any of it - the stuff you've liked and especially the stuff where you've been all "Meh, not my thing," 'cause you still came back to see what else I got - and for that? Man. That's really fucking nice - and I thank you from the pit of stomach. I don't think you realize how kind it is and how much I bask in knowing that even one person gave a shit about anything written here. We're all busy and we all have a million things to do, and this blog has been one of my major things to try and maintain this year because it's brought me a great deal of happiness to try and do. And it makes me fucking blush to think of anyone smiling for a millisecond because of something he/she has read on here. 

Andrew Hamm, I'm especially thankful for you and your Mom Says illustrations each week. They are my favourite part of the site. Just to clue the rest of you in, Andrew drew this first Mom Says and sent it to me as a gift just because he wanted to. And obviously, I loved it. Who wouldn't? And when I selfishly asked if he could keep doing them each week, he agreed and here we are. This man has more important things to do, but still does these for me and he's incredible for it. What kind of person receives a gift and then responds with, "Man, this gift is amazing. But you know what would be greater? If you continued to gift me with things just like this one EVERY SINGLE WEEK into the foreseeable future. Thanks." That's essentially what I said to him. One day he'll get sick of doing them and stop because that's what a sane person would do and I'll still be thankful for all this hard work. Andrew, you're the best.

I want to hug all of you.