Annoyance of the Day - Stop Signs on On-Ramps for Highways

by Liz Heather in

Dear The City of New York,

CC: All other (moronic) cities who allow such practices as this.

You are a fine-ass city. Let it be known that I truly and whole-heartedly know that you're a great city. One thing, though.

THIS (below).


Why the fucking fuck are you allowing stop signs to be placed at the END of on-ramps for your beautiful New York City highways? What purpose does this serve? Are you aware that in a gzillion other cities this isn't the norm? Did someone not inform you that there's a better solution? That solution being, ya know, NO stop signs at all? Even a goddam YIELD sign would be something that I could accept (albeit begrudgingly, but still). Why are you trying to fuck with the people who live here and, God, the poor tourists who visit and must be subjected to these signs of absurdity? Are you unaware that on-ramps were meant to be used as acceleration ramps so that hard working Americans could move freely and with the flow of traffic by the time they reach the end of these ramps? What sick game are you trying to play?

You're encouraging those angry New Yorker stereotypes! Is that what you want? Is that your real goal here? I must admit, that's a pretty clever way to achieve said goal. You're setting people up to fail with that stop sign. You want us to fail. You don't want us driving on your precious streets and highways, you're trying to weed us out. You're trying to make us so fed up that we leave. I see what you're doing. Oh, I'm onto you. 

Fix the fucking ramps.

Yours lovingly,