MAC To Launch a Marge Simpson-inspired Makeup Line

by Liz Heather in , ,

Why? No idea. Oh wait, I do know. It's 'cause of the 25th anniversary of the show.

Am I intrigued, MAC? Of course!

The 10-piece line includes lip glosses, false eyelashes, nail stickers, brightly coloured eyeshadows and blushes. The limited edition line goes on sale online on August 28th and will be available in MAC stores everywhere September 4th. You can take a look at the products below.

My thoughts? Way too expensive. And I'm a huge fan of MAC and The Simpsons. But $20 for a "Nacho Cheese" coloured lip gloss? Get real. I am considering buying one of the blushes since I'm not happy with the Nars one I'm trying to get through right now. (Why do all blushes have to have that tiny hint of sparkle in them? I don't want to sparkle! I want a subtle glow, damnit.) Anyway, all of these products are way too much money and they will all definitely sell out so I guess I'll just shut my mouth.