NYC Afternoon Idea

by Liz Heather in , ,

When people come to this city, they usually demand that I tell them the best thing they can experience here. This is an impossible request since, well, we're all individuals who enjoy a variety of things. There are hundreds of great things you can do in this city. If you're looking to have a nice, semi-relaxing afternoon out? Listen up, baby.

Me, liking the Brooklyn Bridge

  1. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge (start from the Manhattan side and walk over it to Brooklyn). It's free, it's pretty and bridges are beautiful. This is probably the prettiest one there is in this town.

Marla, understanding that bridges are great

2. Walk from the bridge to Juliana's (and not Grimaldi's) to eat some very fine pizza. 

Marla, having the best pizza

3. Skip dessert at Juliana's and walk to Brooklyn Bridge Park and get an ice cream at The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. (Or if you're a fan of the frozen custards at Shake Shack, that's on the way between Juliana's and the park.)

Me, hanging with water

4. Take your ice cream and walk along the shore of the park. Does this sound boring? Look, I said it's supposed to be a semi-relaxing afternoon and that's exactly what this is.

Marla, being gorgeous

5. At the end of this long walk, you can walk up Joralemon Street and get on a subway that'll take you anywhere.

That's it! That's the afternoon! It happened!