Heattech Clothing at Uniqlo

by Liz Heather in

Nathan got me that Heattech outfit (shown above) last year and, quite honestly, it saved my life. We live in a basement that used to not have any heating (I know, that's a sad story, but we have heat now!) and I wore this set almost exclusively for four months. If that sounds like a joke, I apologize. It was a reality that we had to get comfortable with - and wearing this outfit made that winter bearable. It's such a warm outfit that they sort of remind me of stylish long johns. I think you can wear them underneath your regular clothing too since they're so slim-fitting. And if you're a fan of being warm, but not bulky-warm - then these are the perfect at-home clothes that you need to buy immediately for winter. They have mens sizes as well, so they're kind of the perfect gift for anyone who has ever been affected by warmth.