Glutton For Gravy: One Man's Journey To The Bottom of the Boat

by Liz Heather in ,

I'm here to tell you that dreams can come true. My brother, Gary, STARTED A GRAVY BLOG.

Maybe that doesn't seem big to you (and if it doesn't, we can discuss that privately later), but it's huge. He, more than anyone, knows about good gravy. And since it's long been listed among my favourite things to eat, I'm so excited he's started documenting his gravy travels.

He moved to Ireland earlier this year, so the posts will be focused on that general area - but I'm really hoping he'll continue it and expand the posts to wherever he travels from here on out. 

How can an entire blog be devoted to gravy? How can he find unique ways to describe his experiences? Can various gravies really taste that different from one another? All I can say is that he has answers for all of these questions. And you should see for yourself