Rory & Jess

by Liz Heather in

If you actually watch the whole fifteen minutes - you're as lame as I am AND THAT'S OKAY!

Listen, I know Gilmore Girls wasn't a good show. Sorta. I sorta know that. That doesn't erase the fact that I watched it to completion and still view Rory & Jess as one of my top two tv couples of all time. Even watching some of these scenes now makes me gush like a schoolgirl. I'm sorry?

And since we're talking about that show, two things:

  1. Lorelai Gilmore was probably the most irritatingly, unlikable lead character on any show in television history. Why wasn't that talked about more? Like you know how it took us all a few years to be like, "Wow, Carrie Bradshaw fucking sucks as a person" - why did that never happen here? Is it 'cause we all moved on so quickly after this show ended?
  2. It blows my MIND that Melissa McCarthy wasn't given better lines in any of her storylines. She was a moviestar waiting to happen and it took so damn long because this show never showcased her properly! That aggravates me a bit.

Anyway, big fan.

(And if you really didn't guess that my number one tv couple was Pacey & Joey, then kindly go jump in a lake 'cause y'aint a real friend of mine.)