My Brother's Meaning of Life Definition

by Liz Heather in

GUEST POST! I asked my brother Robbie to write a post on whatever he liked, so off we go!

"I was asked to write a guest blog by Liz. After reading my other brothers guest blog I realized I had to go bigger and bolder.

The Meaning Of Life

It’s a question that has been asked by many since the dawn of civilization. The answer is: it’s in us always. Most of the time, the meaning is behind a door that’s shut within our soul and body. A lucky few have felt that door open and have seen inside, but only for brief moments since the door doesn't stay open long - and when it’s shut, the meaning fades away like a dream you try to remember when you wake. Some of us have never felt that feeling when the door opens, others may have felt it once, and few have felt it for only a limited amount of time. The feeling you get at an airport when you see your loved one return, a beautiful song, a sunset, a hug, and a kiss are all glimpses of this - as though you're hearing the door creak open, but you're unable to see inside. The same can go for negative experiences, a death, an accident, a moment of despair, or crying. To connect one of these experiences to the meaning is the hard part. The missing component is the self-knowledge and clarity of your own mind. It’s the idea that your mind is so busy doing multiple tasks that on occasion when you stop or slow down the process, you can allow your mind to see. As an example, your busy mind is a bulletin board with notes, pictures, ideas, diagrams, and charts - and as you slow down and allow your mind to relax, you remove all of the stuff on the board to reveal that is not a board, but a window into a beautiful landscape or something else that may inspire you. The combination of clarity and an experience can be compared to two cars crashing at an intersection that in turn will reveal the meaning of it all. As I said before, the meaning of the open door is always brief and can never stay open long. For some people, that moment that all is right in the world where they fully value the understanding of it all will fade into oblivion. For other people, it will remain like a distant memory from his/her childhood. The true test is not the pursuit of meaning, but the pursuit of life - to experience, to live, to be scared, to laugh, to cry, to be open to possibility. When you’re doing just that and the door opens, STOP, realize in awe the true beauty of life’s meaning, and keep on living."

By Robbie Heather

(Thanks for doing this, Ro!)