Bath & Body Works - Foam Soaps

by Liz Heather in ,


I first tried this soap when I got one as a gift from my friend Marla’s wedding shower. Since that time (it was April of 2012), I haven’t washed my hands with anything else. There are a billion flavors/scents and all of the ones I’ve tried are lovely. 

Plus, the foaming aspect makes it just a small delight in an otherwise grotesque room. They have seasonal ones as well, and they’re festive as hell. They usually have deals on how much they cost, depending on how many you purchase. I’ve even found some (same brand and all) cheaper ones at a few dollar stores if you look hard enough.

That’s the “Sea Island Cotton” scent up there. I mostly chose to show that one ‘cause of how ridiculous the name is. Ridiculous and so fun.