Great Steak in Ontario - Canyon Creek

by Liz Heather in ,

You think you’re better than chain restaurants? I bet you do. I got news for you, brother. Y’AINT.

My favourite steak to eat (that isn’t maddeningly expensive) is the Chipotle Sirloin at Canyon Creek. This dude is $24 damn dollars. And it is beautiful. There’s this goat cheese butter melted on top of it and the meat appears as though it went swimming in a spicy little sauce (that you shouldn’t ask for extra of ‘cause it’ll ruin it, I’ve lived and learned) for hours. Every time I go back to Canada for a visit, I eat this at least once. It’s heavenly. (Also, one last note: the Caesar salad is crazy. Like, outrageously good.)

The restaurant in general is great, but this piece of meat is wonderful. Unfortunately I do not possess the vocabulary necessary to accurately explain how scrumptious this dish is. So maybe go and see for yourself? Really, go. Tell me I’m wrong! (Sidenote: if you tell me I’m wrong, be prepared for a lengthy discussion on why you’re not intelligent.)