Nathan Macintosh

by Liz Heather in

I like to think that I’m right about a lot of things. Is it because I’m really smart and have a high IQ? Possibly. Could it be that I just know what’s up? Even more likely. 

This man is one of the funniest humans I’ve ever seen and/or known. His new website looks amazing (that main photo? c’mon, that’s gorgeous) and I’d be a fool not to share that with all of you kind little beauties who are currently reading this. I could go on and on about why he’s so talented, but you wouldn’t hear me. Nobody listens to why someone’s funny - you just watch a link and figure it out on your own. So just go watch any of these videos and you’ll see. He also writes great blogs.

There is no personal bias in this post, I assure you. (You really expect me to have a blog and NOT say anything about this man?! Wow. Get real, toad.)