The Chicken Pad Thai at Lovely Day in NYC

by Liz Heather in ,

This place has the absolute best thing I’ve eaten in my life thus far. This would be part of my death meal (you know, if you were being electrocuted and you needed to choose a last meal, your death meal, dummy!). 

I do not know why it tastes so perfect. I do not know if many would agree with me in this assessment (there have been some, for sure). If pad thai is ever a thing you order when you’re out, then this is a must-eat meal when you’re in New York City. 

Been eating this for eight years now. Ain’t gonna slow down neither. You can’t stop this guy. Can’t even if you tried.

(What else would be in my death meal, you ask? What a great question. Probably a poutine from New York Fries in Canada. Not really that special, but that dark gravy? C’mon, man.)