Tip of the Day - Change Your Bedspread

by Liz Heather in ,

Something that you should do at least once every season (so at least four times a year): change your bed sheets. Now I’m not talking about “having clean sheets”, silly. This isn’t what I’m saying. I mean the main bedspread that you have on top your mattress, that needs to change with the seasons. Why? Because everyone needs a bare amount of variety in their lives.  I only started adhering to this policy last year, and I’ve got to say - it makes a difference. Mentally. 

I don’t want to get too metaphysical on you right now, but doing this just feels important to  avoid ever feeling stale or dated or basically just less happy, surroundings-wise. 

I like to change them up as the seasons change, since that just makes sense logically to me. Whenever you’d like to do it, just make sure it gets done. You don’t feel the same way consistently every month, week or day - so it only makes sense that you shouldn’t immerse yourself with monotony. 

This may seem like a dumb tip, and if you firmly still think that it is, well, cool. What of it. This is just something I feel pretty strongly about and with the nicer weather coming up, I wanted to propose the idea to you.