WestJet = Amazing

by Liz Heather in


WestJet is a Canadian airline, so this may not be of interest to you if you don’t intend to travel to Canada ever. (But quickly, why are you so against flying to Canada? That seems odd. We’re great people, don’t be so quick to be all, “I’m better than Canada.” God.)

If possible, I’m only ever gonna fly with WestJet from now until the end of time. I wish I were being paid to say this, but I’m not - I just keep having good experiences with them and feel a responsibility to share. How can an airline be so great, you foolishly ask? I’ll tell you why, brother.

  1. They are (in my experience) WAY cheaper than that flying bag of trash Air Canada.
  2. They use huge, normal sized airplanes and not tiny, vomit-inducing dink planes like Porter does. 
  3. The last time I flew with them, they phoned me a day before my flight to say that my flight was cancelled, but then proceeded to put me the following flight (which was an hour later, no big deal at all). But THEN I got an email saying that my next flight that I book with them will be 50% off because of that “previous inconvenience”. What!?! That’s madness. So kind. 
  4. No stupid extra charges on anything. (Paying for a carry-on should be illegal, as a tiny sidenote.) (2015 UPDATE: They have started charging for checking a bag. It's around $20. This isn't ideal, but that's all I'll say about it.)
  5. When en route in the air, no one tries to get me to sign up for a credit card. (This isn’t even a joke, they do it all the bloody time on Spirit Airlines.)
  6. They never take me to New Jersey when I’m trying to get to New York (*ahem* Porter).
  7. Their flight attendants aren’t the typical uptight, always-pissed ones. How can I tell they aren’t uptight? They make jokes. I never even noticed that until my boyfriend pointed that out to me and man, it makes a world of difference. Just, like, small little jokes over the intercom to liven up all the stuff that everyone has heard three billion times. 

Absolutely everything is terrible about airports. Everything. Sometimes you just want to scream at people to relax. Everyone hates everyone else. I get it. This isn’t going to change. So to have some sort of faith in one good element to the whole terrible experience, well, that makes me happy. 

Fly with them, they’re great. And if they’re somehow not as great as they should be? They’ll probably be emailing you soon with some kind offering, so calm down.