The Frat Party - The Mindy Project

by Liz Heather in

This episode of The Mindy Project is for sure my favourite episode of the first season. If you haven't seen any episodes, this is maybe a good sample to start on. Why am I sharing this? In honor of this fine lady's birthday that happened yesterday. 

Best parts of the 'sode?

  • The introduction of the new nurse Tamara.
  • "This is why I love him - he looks like the villain in a National Lampoon movie, but he's not. He's, like, into Haiti." 
  •  "You know what would cheer you up?" "McDonald's."
  • "Oh, ok... I get it. It's to make the party more difficult." 
  •  "This lil' sonofabitch aside."
  •  "You look ridiculous and you smell terrible." "I look fine and smell legit."
  • "Holy cow, did you see that?" 
  • Morgan's impression of Danny. 
  • "I don't where I end and he begins." 

Ike Barinholtz is perfect. Lord love him.  Such a great episode.