The Purple Rose of Cairo

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Amongst all of my favourite Woody Allen movies (Annie Hall, Midnight in Paris, Everyone Says I Love You, Anything Else and Vicky Cristina Barcelona), this one is definitely my favourite. The overly-whimsical storyline is enough to make me fall in love with it, but then the ending happens and couldn’t be any more perfect. Obviously I won't give away what happens, but if you've ever given a guff about any of this man's movies, this is the only one you ever need to see.

As Real As You And Me - Rihanna

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My niece Layla was watching Home on DVD in my parent's living room and I heard this song from the other room, came in to watch the scene with this song playing, watched for a few minutes, cried, then left to go lay down for a minute. Does that make me seem like a maniac? 'Cause it happened just that way. 

This song is real as fuck. Gotta remember to watch that whole movie in full.