June Jaunts

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It's insane that June is over. It's even more insane that I'm keeping my promise and doing another one of my monthly wrap-up posts. So many things to talk about. Let's begin.

  • Do you remember how I said the HBO show Barry was good but not that good? Well, I finished the first season and the season finale made me realize that it's a good show. So there. 
  • On the first of the month, I went to the Noguchi Museum in Queens for the first time. Tip: the admission is free if you go on the first of the month. And I actually liked it! Something really calming about the whole place. 

At the Noguchi Museum

  • Nathan, Baby Dog and I went to Atlantic City for a few days since Nathan was doing shows at the Borgata. Great hotel. Even better pool. We saw a free screening of Ocean's Eight (MEH), walked along the boardwalk, and took BD to the beach for the first time. I know that maybe that doesn't sound like a big deal, but it was because she loved it. Also, my best friend Harmeet made this great collage.

Baby Dog in Atlantic City


  • I read an article awhile ago about how Chrissy Teigen uses Aquaphor on her elbows to keep them soft, so I tried it out and she's 1000% right. I used to use the Life brand Vitamin E cream found in most Shoppers Drug Marts, but Aquaphor is eons better (although it does get on everything when you use it and doesn't really absorb as good as other creams may). But still. I've only been using it for a few weeks and I'll never go back. Elbs are crazy soft right now.
  • I can't believe I haven't already told you how much I've been in love with Larabars lately. Actually, only one flavour 'cause the rest suuuuuuhuck. The Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip one is the only one worth a damn, and I only know this because I've tasted 90% of their flavours. 
  • This insane basil vinaigrette is something that I've been putting on everything lately (spinach, chicken, carrots), I can't believe I'm only now learning of its existence. 
  • Many people have hounded me to watch The Good Place, so I did, and okay - I get it. It's a good show. I watched the first season, but I didn't think it was anything crazy special at all. I mean, I'm happy for the people who love it, but maybe leave me alone, I think I'm good!
  • I finally tried hot pilates and it was... no different from regular pilates. Why do people try to make it sound so much more intimidating? Do people even do that or was I just building it up in my head? Either way, it's so doable for anyone so if you're in any way intrigued, then try it out.
  • While I was at my parent's house, my brother Gary introduced me to jackbox.tv - which is essentially a digital board game that you can play with people in the same room as long as you have a TV and everyone has their own phone. And the games are actually fun (like Drawful and Fibbage). They're also sort of perfect if you're looking for something to do with friends/family when you're having people over.
  • Tim Hortons now has poutine. HOW DID IT TAKE THIS LONG FOR THIS TO HAPPEN is the real question here. My verdict? They should call it a wedge poutine. I know, I'm being a pain, but I'm not wrong. Calling something a regular poutine is saying that regular French fries are being used in said poutine. So when wedge potatoes are used instead? You need to declare that shit. I'm being nit-picky here clearly because this is important. That being said, this wedge poutine was fantastic. Which shocks me. Tim Hortons has been putting out some shady products over the past few years, so for them to use real curds and a crazy decent gravy? Whoa.

Tim Hortons poutine

  • Won't You Be My Neighbor? came out and I saw it and cried right alongside every other person in that theatre. And here's the thing: I really think everyone should see this movie alone. I'm a big champion on people going to the movies alone, always have been. I just feel like you can really enjoy a movie without the element of having to deal with another person. Does that sound dumb? I feel like it's important to experience things like that alone since it allows your thoughts and reactions to be completely uninterrupted by someone else. Anyway, the movie was great, so many parts were perfect and I recommended absolutely everyone to see it.
  • I saw Hereditary twice, not because I'm some kind of maniac, but because I went the first time with some friends and then saw it again because Nathan hadn't seen it and that was our date night for the month. I thought it was a pretty good movie! I don't get why so many people hated it.
  • I went to Wonderland and it was great, as always.

Funnel cake


  • I re-watched the summer classic Now & Then that's inspired an upcoming post about summer television episodes that always make me happy to re-watch, so watch out for that.
  • Baby Dog has had a pretty decent month in that she's gone to two dog cafes, Boris & Horton in the east village and Chateau Le Woof in Astoria. I think I preferred the one in the east village mostly because there are small laptop-friendly tables in the dog area, and the general setup was a little more welcoming to dogs and owners.
  • This white bean rosemary soup is the best soup I've had in ages. I ground up some dried rosemary instead of using fresh and it was still insanely good. Have to remember to keep this one in the recipe rotation.
  • Ate at Campagnolo in Toronto with some friends and everything was reeeeally good. 
  • I finished reading The Duplass Brothers book and had some thoughts over here
  • Whether you're a Lindy West fan or not (you should be), this is probably one of the best short pieces I've read in such a long time.
  • I feel like I've been in a fried chicken mood these past few months and I just ate a great fried chicken sandwich at The Penrose on the upper east side. Remember how I was complaining about how bad The Spotted Pig one was? Yeah, I was right. THIS is how it's supposed to taste.
  • I also stopped by Two Little Red Hens, which is a short stroll from The Penrose, since I've been hearing about that place for years. I sampled a few small things, but the standout winner? The cupcakes. And hear me right. I'm not a cupcake person. I make fun of cupcake people. I don't believe in buying cupcakes because they're so incredibly easy to make and they taste the exact same as ones you can buy at any overpriced "cupcake shop." But these were different. These were somehow both airy and luxurious. No idea how they did it. I only had the mini Boston cream pie cupcake, so maybe it's only that specific flavour that tasted like God himself came down and whipped that batter. I'll have to go back, try others, and then really let you know.
  • I finally ate at Bocca since I really wanted to see that parmesan wheel and it was good. Nothing crazy to write home about, but good!
  • I made my yearly visit to The Met, and let me tell you. Some changes have been made. First of all, they have "updated" their admission policy. It's only New York State residents now who are allowed to pay their "suggested admission" - everyone else, ie. tourists, must pay $25/per person. And while I could rant about this for days and how stupid it is, I will not. The Met can definitely fuck right off, though, for the record. The only good new thing that they've implemented is this.

I initially went to see this year's rooftop exhibit, but the rain forced me to change my plans and settle for the Heavenly Bodies exhibit indoors. Here are some highlights.

Hated how high up these were, I can't see details way  up there!


  • In larger news, I've cancelled my Ipsy membership. I'm planning on doing my last unbagging this week, so if you care at all about why I did it, I'll post a link here very soon.

Whoa! Look at all that stuff! Excited to see what July will bring...

Happy Birthday, Gary!

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love you, Gar - this is maybe the cutest photo of you on earth - happy birthday 🎉🎂

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My brother Gary's birthday is tomorrow and I hope he realizes how much he is loved and missed (he lives with his family in Scotland). I know I talk a lot about how important siblings are, and I'll continue to do so until absolutely everyone I know is convinced. You're the best, Gary, and I swear I'll try not to make your gift eight months late this year.

My Brother's Meaning of Life Definition

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GUEST POST! I asked my brother Robbie to write a post on whatever he liked, so off we go!

"I was asked to write a guest blog by Liz. After reading my other brothers guest blog I realized I had to go bigger and bolder.

The Meaning Of Life

It’s a question that has been asked by many since the dawn of civilization. The answer is: it’s in us always. Most of the time, the meaning is behind a door that’s shut within our soul and body. A lucky few have felt that door open and have seen inside, but only for brief moments since the door doesn't stay open long - and when it’s shut, the meaning fades away like a dream you try to remember when you wake. Some of us have never felt that feeling when the door opens, others may have felt it once, and few have felt it for only a limited amount of time. The feeling you get at an airport when you see your loved one return, a beautiful song, a sunset, a hug, and a kiss are all glimpses of this - as though you're hearing the door creak open, but you're unable to see inside. The same can go for negative experiences, a death, an accident, a moment of despair, or crying. To connect one of these experiences to the meaning is the hard part. The missing component is the self-knowledge and clarity of your own mind. It’s the idea that your mind is so busy doing multiple tasks that on occasion when you stop or slow down the process, you can allow your mind to see. As an example, your busy mind is a bulletin board with notes, pictures, ideas, diagrams, and charts - and as you slow down and allow your mind to relax, you remove all of the stuff on the board to reveal that is not a board, but a window into a beautiful landscape or something else that may inspire you. The combination of clarity and an experience can be compared to two cars crashing at an intersection that in turn will reveal the meaning of it all. As I said before, the meaning of the open door is always brief and can never stay open long. For some people, that moment that all is right in the world where they fully value the understanding of it all will fade into oblivion. For other people, it will remain like a distant memory from his/her childhood. The true test is not the pursuit of meaning, but the pursuit of life - to experience, to live, to be scared, to laugh, to cry, to be open to possibility. When you’re doing just that and the door opens, STOP, realize in awe the true beauty of life’s meaning, and keep on living."

By Robbie Heather

(Thanks for doing this, Ro!)