September Shenanigans 2019

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This is how I feel about the beginning of October.


To put it mildly, I’m excited. But before we start the greatest time of the year, here’s what went down in September!

  • I can’t seem to stop going to L’Artusi in the West Village, I might have a problem. This will be the only place I take all visitors for pasta from here onward. Recently I went to try this beast (shown below): the summer ricotta gnudi with chanterelles, sweet corn and chilies. They also had their wagyu steak tartare as a special (they do this every once in awhile) and it’s by far the best steak tartare in this damn city. SO GOOD. And since summer was still well under way, I also got the corn with pepperoni, chilies and scallion ash as a side dish. (What the hell is scallion ash? Absolutely couldn’t tell you, but I gobbled it up.) SIDENOTE: I still can’t stop making their mushroom ragu at home. I tried it with Banza and holy shit, it was still good. I think I’ll be taking a break from making it any time soon since I’ve made it approximately 12,000 times, but you should definitely try it out if you haven’t already.

  • I’ve made this Crispy Balsamic Chicken a few times now because it’s insanely easy to make and comes together crazy fast. Also, I think I’ve learned the secret to crispy skin every time: PAT THE CHICKEN TOTALLY DRY! Maybe everyone knew this already, but I certainly did not.

  • Nathan and I saw It: Chapter Two and loved it! I wasn’t expecting to since the first one is so great, but I might have liked this one even better! Also, hot tip: you know the Chinese restaurant they’re eating at in the beginning of the movie? Apparently (sources say) that was filmed inside the Mandarin on Matheson in Mississauga! That’s my Mandarin! I’m definitely going to ask about it the next time I’m there, because if that’s true that is MADNESS. So cool.

  • Since horror movie season has begun, Nathan and I watched Halloween 2 and Halloween 3: Season of the Witch and you know what? Not terrible! I remember seeing them as a teenager and bitching about how lame they were, but I was just acting my age, I think. Solid ass movies.

  • We also watched Psycho II and Psycho III and thought the same thing! Great movies! Okay, not great - but definitely not bad. Psycho II was a delight. We’re not better than horror sequels, people. We might think we are, but we ain’t.

  • I tried the new eyebrow pencil from Fenty and even though it’s a good product, it’s definitely not worth $20. I could get three Colourpop ones for less than that and it’s pretty much an identical product.

  • I’m a stone cold sucker for new Trader Joe’s products, so obviously I tried the new Organic Sparkling Apple Cider Drinking Vinegars and they. were. delicious. Both flavours. Insanely good.

  • I have been on a mission to find yellow underwear lately and finally found the motherlode at PINK. Yes, I hate that it’s part of the Victoria’s Secret brand, but I’m still on the hunt. Recommendations welcome.

  • I watched the new, short 9/11 documentary In the Shadow of the Towers: Stuyvesant High about the kids who went to school near the towers and it was really well done. Obviously incredibly sad, but I can’t help but watch any new 9/11 stuff that comes out for some reason.

  • I also watched Chelsea Handler’s new documentary about white privilege and parts of it were good, while other parts just made me roll my eyes a lot. The fact that there’s ever even a debate about white privilege will forever blow my mind. I get what she was trying to do with this project, but it kind of just missed the mark ultimately.

  • I finally wrote about my experience at the new TWA Hotel at JFK.

  • I have been toasting garlic and breadcrumbs in a saucepan until it’s lightly golden brown and then adding it as a heavy garnish to my pasta dishes lately and… I think I’m a new woman. Tastes unreal.

  • Here are some of my favourite photos from the summer and yes it looks like I love summer but I still think it’s the worst season, I promise you.

  • I wrote about our trip to Vermont last month.

  • I assessed how many things got done off of my summer list.

  • I rarely listen to new, whole albums anymore because… actually I don’t know why I don’t do that anymore. But people really wouldn’t shut up about Taylor Swift’s Lover, so I listened to it on Spotify and it was actually pretty good. Not all of it, god no. But my favourites include: Cruel Summer, The Archer and Paper Rings. And of course, I still can’t stop listening to this song.

  • I went to Bar Sardine for the first time and here’s what I didn’t like: the seating is wildly uncomfortable (stool seating? in 2019? pick it up, industry), the food was extremely decent but overpriced and the waitstaff (at least our waiter) was too pushy. Yes, the burger was good (I mean, what burger isn’t?), but for $17? Eat me. No. What are we doing here.

  • Also went to The Happiest Hour and passssssss. I’m so sick of this trend of TINY ASS BURGERS costing more than $15. Fucking done with it. I’m THIS CLOSE in vowing to never eat a restaurant burger again and just get Shake Shack instead. So sick of this shit.

  • I made my autumn list of things I want to do!

Some things that I’m looking forward to this month: new Big Mouth episodes on the 4th, I might take a day trip out to Sleepy Hollow, I plan to decorate, I’d really love to have an autumn party (and make use of this great punch bowl idea), think of Baby Dog’s Halloween costume, I’ll definitely watch a few of these, I may partake in the Pumpkin Float, I’m intending on doing my 31-days-of-Halloween celebration yet again (which means that I’ll try to do at least one spookily themed thing each day), and I cannot wait for the return of Riverdale (!) on the 9th.


Helloooooooo October, get your spooky ass in my bed.


If you’ve got any interest in reading last month’s roundup, you can see what went down in August over here!

June Jaunts 2019

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Happy Canada Day! Here’s what went down last month.

  • I finally started taking collagen powder and I really think it’s working (thanks for the tip, Harmeet!) because my nails are longer than ever and my hair seems more luscious? I could just be feeling myself on the hair, though. Hard to tell for sure.

  • I made the mushroom garganelli pasta that I dream about from L’Artusi and it was phenomenal. The mushroom ragu tastes EXACTLY like it could be a meat sauce. Even Nathan agreed that it was amazing and he hates mushrooms. Makes zero sense. This dish is witchcraft.

  • Earlier this month, I finally overshared about what our new apartment looks like, if you’d care to take a look.

  • Made my way to see the new Camp exhibit at The Met.

  • Saw Late Night, and while I will always support that vision of a woman, the movie was only okay. Very specific opinion, but I wish Cate Blanchett had played the main character.

  • Speaking of Mindy, look at this gorgeous, perfect outfit.

  • Remember those flavoured powders for popcorn that were popular a few years ago? How have I never thought of making a homemade dill topping for at-home popcorn?! HOW?! Such a good idea.

  • Watched the Black Mirror episode Striking Vipers and loved it, I don’t want to even watch the other two new ones because how could they possibly be better than that one. (Also, are we really calling three episodes a season? Get real.)

  • I have made Ina Garten’s rigatoni with sausage & fennel so many times this month and I’m still not sick of it, such a crazy good pasta. Especially if you’re trying to impress someone.

  • IDEA: Turn burger buns into garlic bread, THEN eat as part of a burger.

  • I don’t know why but I finished The Big Bang Theory. I know, it’s embarrassing to admit. It was not a good show!

  • ‘NOTHER IDEA: Clean your Apple headphones with toothpicks! Totally didn’t know you could do this. And if you haven’t, you really should. Some nasty stuff gets up in there. It’s pretty satisfying to clean, too. Just do it in private.

  • Tried the (super tiny) burger at Whit’s End in Rockaway and yes it was good, but WHERE WAS THE REST OF IT?!

I should’ve put a quarter next to it for scale

  • I rewatched Waiting To Exhale (I think I saw it when I was a kid) and man, that movie holds up. So, so good.

  • So in love with this brand. I don’t love the phrase Toronto VS. Everybody, but if they make a Mississauga one? WATCH OUT.

  • Love this New Yorker piece my Dad sent me about getting a dog.

  • Gotta be honest, kinda excited to see the glaze waterfall. You know what makes Krispy Kreme better than most donuts? Not a lot of doughiness inside. The best kind of donut showcases the outside coating. A KK donut is all outside coating. It’s practically hollow on the inside. This is the secret. I could go on about this, but I’ve already said too much.

  • Completely forgot about the show You Wish, which I can’t stop watching. Summertime sadness?

  • Saw the new Child’s Play as well as the old one. Obviously the old one is better, but the new one really isn’t that bad. Human murderers are always better than robot murderers.

  • Excited for Samantha Irby’s book that comes out next year.

Salmon with dill sauce

  • Saw Ma in theatres and you know what it really wasn’t bad, whatever anyone tells you. I think I’d classify it as wacky as hell.

  • This is honestly the best egg salad I’ve ever had. It’s definitely due to the addition of dill pickle juice (fucking nuts for dill this month) and the elimination of celery.

  • Found maybe the best poutine in this country at The Astorian in Queens.

Check those fuckin’ curds

  • I started using Benefit’s Mini Gimme Brow and it’s cool?? Honestly, I don’t even know. Sometimes I think I need another, smarter woman to just sit me down and tell me what’s good and what’s not. This is supposed to help make thin eyebrows look bushy, right? If that is actually its intent, then it’s doing its job correctly.

  • All right, look. You KNOW that I hate having opinions on celebrities (ie. people NONE OF US KNOW), but I’m putting a hold on that for a sec. Here’s who I hated this month: Amber Rose (or anyone repping any fucking laxative tea), Bernie Sanders (the arrogance that comes off of this man… I can’t stand it, he doesn’t have all of the answers, can we please stop acting like he’s some sort of savior), and Chris Brown. How is Chris Brown still someone people are in love with? How are people still okay with him? MAN BEATS PEOPLE. For fuck sake.

  • The only winner this month.

  • Love this exchange so much.

And that was June! Some things I’d like to do this month: visit Profundo Day Club for the rooftop pool, find some humidity-proof houseplants (recommendations welcome), spend some time in Coney Island, try to see Crawl and maybe make some fun food for the 4th of July.

If you enjoy reading these monthly posts, you can find the one from last month over here.

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There was a time when I would have ordered a watery nest of zoodles without a moment’s hesitation. There was also a time when I couldn’t write or participate in life because I was so hungry and unsatisfied and obsessed with foods I didn’t allow myself to eat. I finally sought help last year, and now I see how problematic it is, this movement to pass off “healthy” foods as “unhealthy” foods. It sends the message — that lands particularly hard with women — that our hunger and appetites are things that must be controlled and manipulated and tricked by vegetable-shaped noodles and liters of water. I’ve used my voice as a writer to reclaim my dignity and self-respect, and one day it just clicked that the way I talked about myself to myself, and the way I ate in response to that nasty and unforgiving voice in my head, was about as far from empowered as it gets. I will no longer participate in a system that tells women we should eat less and weigh less and be less, and it is my dream for all of us to stop doing penance for eating pizza and to stop berating our perfectly fine bodies because it just makes it okay for guys to berate our perfectly fine bodies. You know the Bechdel test for movies and books? I want to create my own test that challenges women to have conversations about anything but our bodies. All this to say, fuck you, zucchini noodles. And you, too, cauliflower rice.
— Jessica Knoll

How To Have A Less Expensive Christmas

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Do I have wish I had thousands of dollars to spend on Christmas? Fuck yes! Is that a plausible reality?


Technically I have three jobs at the moment, but neither of them are crazy lucrative so HERE I BE. About to blow your mind with some money saving ideas for the next two months (ie. the most expensive two months of the entire year, arguably). BEHOLD.

  1. If you share a certain amount of friends in common, do a Secret Santa exchange within that group. It saves so much money not to buy all those individual gifts, it's insane.
  2. Make a ton of holiday cookies/candies/brownies & individually sized gift boxes with Christmas tissue wrap from Dollarama to house them in. I've done this a few times over the years when money is tight, and people seem to be into it. Also, food gifts are the best gifts. I love a gift that doesn't necessarily have to sit atop my bedroom dresser for the rest of time. EAT THAT GIFT.
  3. Try to buy as many gifts as you can on the week of Cyber Monday (I've noticed that Cyber Monday deals last the entire week). The deals are sometimes better than Black Friday, and there's so, so much more comfort involved.
  4. Instead of buying new holiday dresses, BORROW from your close friends and vice versa. Is this too frugal? Oh sorry, MILLIONAIRE. I thought you were here for cheap-ass ideas. Gorgeous dresses were meant to be worn as much as possible, and a true friend ain't gonna judge you for suggesting to swap for an event. 
  5. Take advantage of so many free things to do this time of year: putting up Christmas lights, decorating your tree, making hot chocolate and taking it on a walk through your neighborhood, watching/streaming old Christmas movies, calling someone you haven't talked to in a long time, volunteering, donating anything you don't have any use for anymore, LITERALLY SO MANY THINGS.
  6. See less people over the holiday season! Haha, I'm kidding...? I mean, if you see less of them, expectations on giving gifts drastically falls. So this one kind of makes sense. Something that also works? Send a Christmas card. The card acts as your way of keeping in touch, but not having to spend money on dinner/gift/drinks/etc. This one sounds harsh, but it's sort of genius, said the person who came up with it.
  7. Spend more time with your family. Your family never wants to go out and spend money, right? Maybe that's a Caribbean thing.

I could tell you to just stick to a budget throughout the holidays, but I never find that helpful because I'm too easy of a target when it comes to spontaneous shopping. In any case, it is completely possible to not be 1000% broke once the holidays are over. 

Honey Chrome Extension

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This is how I feel when I save money.

This is how I feel when I save money

I know that, lately, I've been pretty into finding new Chrome extensions. Why? I'm not sure, really. Maybe it's a phase that we all go through? In any case, this one I just heard about it is amazing.

It's basically a browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkouts whenever you buy something online. WHENEVER. So you don't have to search for them anymore (you were searching for them, right?)! 

Such a great idea.

Fact of the Day

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The physical act of walking through a doorway is the reason why you sometimes walk into a room and completely forget what you were doing. Going through a door signifies the beginning or end of something, so it creates an ‘event boundary’ within your mind. Every time you pass through a doorway, your brain is filing away the thoughts you had in your previous location to make room for a new group of memories in the next.

Lilica's Pregnancy Shoot

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Am I into pregnancy photo shoots? I think you can answer that question. But for dog pregnancy photo shoots?! C'mon. That's gonna be heaven.

Lilica the dog crushed her maternity photo shoot. Photographer Ana Paula Grillo captured all the shots in only 20 minutes because Lilica smiled for the camera and posed perfectly. She gave birth to her 5 puppies the very next day. Here are her photos.