The Racetrack at Belmont Park

by Liz Heather in

Can’t I just bet that all the horses will have a fun time?
— Marge

Looking for things to do in the summer? Go to the track! I went over the weekend with my friend Jenn and we had a lovely time. Tip for the future? Bring your own food/drinks in a cooler. That way you have more money for bets. And also, $18 for a dank fast food meal is ludicrous. 

How'd we do? I lost a bit at first, then won it all back and Jenn won a bunch throughout the day. Honestly, all the yelling at the horses/jockeys is the best part. And if you're looking to meet newly single, middle-aged men? Then go no further, I have found the place for you.  

Oh, and one other thing? Never bet on someone to "place" (ie. never bet on someone to come in second place). Why? We decided that it seems too mean. Vote for a winner!