Lessons of the Week

by Liz Heather in

This will be a short new segment entitled: Things I Learned This Week! They will consist of things that I did know of the week prior. 

1. Eggplant parm? DELICIOUS. First time tried, no going back now. WAY less heart-hurting than a chicken parm, too - so that's something. Why didn't I ever try it before? Probably 'cause the word "eggplant" is so wretchedly unappetizing, just as a word. 

2. Do you have weeds growing in that area between the cracks in your pavement? Boil hot water and then pour them down the cracks (do this AFTER you pull the weeds, obviously) and they’ll never grow back because of the scolding water.

3. Want to know how to take a screenshot of anything (on a MAC)? Press Command, then Shift, then 3. Voila. The picture is saved to your desktop. Makes a little camera clicking sound, too. This makes me want to look up all the other kinds of small, magical things that this laptop does that I have no idea about.