Depuff-ifying Yo' Face

by Liz Heather in

I like to sleep in. Every day. Or, you know, whenever the opportunity presents itself. Not because of laziness, but moreso because I feel that I'm owed more sleep.  

The most helpful tip I've ever read in a magazine about losing that too-sleepy look when you have to wake up when you would opt not to? This guy:

The best tip for making your face look fresh after a sleepless or sleep-heavy night is to soak a washcloth in very hot water, press it against your skin and give your face a hearty scrub. Then, rinse that off and splash your face with freezing cold water. Your capillaries will respond to the changes in heat, which will stimulate lymph vessels and blood flow for better depuffing.

And voila. A presentable human being.