Unusual Articles on Wikipedia

by Liz Heather in

Have you heard of this already? I was told about it years ago by my friend Andrew, who only said, "Just go here. Spend a day." 

It's a listing of basically the weirdest/most-interesting-stuff-you've-never-heard-of-but-would-likely-be-intrigued-by on Wikipedia. There are a lot of sub sections, but the ones I enjoyed the most were probably:

  • Technology, inventions and products
  • Popular culture, entertainment and the arts
  • Food
  • Folklore
  • Law, law enforcement and crime

And some favourites?  

  • Acoustic Kitty: A failed CIA experiment at using a cat for covert surveillance.
  • Clocky: An alarm clock that hides from its owner (!) 
  • Capgras delusion: a disorder in which a person holds a delusion that a friend, spouse, parent, or other close family member has been replaced by an identical-looking impostor.
  • Mary Toft: An English woman who hoaxed doctors into believing that she had given birth to rabbits. 

Honestly, I still haven't gone over the whole document because there's just so much. So I have it bookmarked and go every once in awhile. Go here to see what I'm talking about.