Blue Cheese Lollipops

by Liz Heather in ,

Sometimes I do things so that you don't have to. Let that be known here.

I’m quite sure there isn’t a cheese on this planet that I wouldn’t try. And among the top cheeses that I frequent – blue cheese ranks high. An opportunity presented itself recently where I was offered to sample this blue cheese lollipop. 

Does that sound gross? I didn’t think it did. And honestly, only the first and last licks were the most atrocious ones. The inbetween licks however? Actually not completely terrible. They really turned into and tasted like a normal piece of candy for the moments when you weren’t thinking that you were basically sucking on a piece of cheese.(Sidenote: have you ever sucked on a fantastic piece of cheese? Try it. You might be really into it.)

The biggest problem with this treat is the after-breath. I tried to convince my dear friend Jenn to taste one (if only to smell her breath afterward), but she insisted on passing. All she had to say was that I smelled horrid after tasting the ‘pop. And that was only after maybe five licks. I shudder to think what I would’ve smelled like if I’d devoured the whole thing. All in all, are these more gross than appetizing? For sure. Are they fun, though? Bigtime. (They would absolutely kill at a party.) And I'm sure there are some rubes out there who are gonna fake-love the hell out of these just because they're campy. Or possibly some real maniacs who actually enjoy them. Either way, good on you!

After the first taste

After holding the final lick inside for much too long

After holding the final lick inside for much too long

I also tried their Absinthe flavoured lollipop and was disappointed, since it only tasted like black licorice. I understand that Absinthe does have that flavour, but was saddened at it not having any sort of alcoholic element. If you’re gonna have an Absinthe-flavoured ANYthing, then there needs to be alcohol involved. (Can you even get liquor into a candied treat? I think you can. Though my only example would be rum balls and rum balls are just filth.)

They’re available online at Lollyphile and they cost $10 for four of them.