Bright Nail Polish

by Liz Heather in ,

I'm not a religious woman. I do, however, have very strong beliefs and convictions. One of these core beliefs? Fluorescent nail polish. 

Does that make me sound dumb? 'Cause it shouldn't. This is a blog where I write about stuff I use and love, so you really should've seen that coming. 

I'm writing about this love now especially because the crisp autumn air has arrived. And one of the things that enrages me about this time of year? When women abandon their bright summer hues and replace them with the dreary dark or pastel colours that every fashion magazine will tell you is gorgeous this season. Why is this the norm? I have no idea. It happens every year. I guess because summer's over, you're not allowed to have any more fun? Honestly, if ever there is a time to be cheered up by beautifully striking nails - that time is now. Or better yet, the dead of winter. These are the times we need to see these beauties to wake us up! (And a tip for all humans? Unless you're a 14 year old boy or girl entering his/her testy phase, black nail polish should always be avoided. You're better than that, everyone. C'mon.)

That colour up top is called Hot Tub and it's available at Urban Outfitters for $5 (or two for $8). That is usually my go-to colour because it's as bright as all hell. They've got other great ones too, such as Ringo (bright yellow) and Tiny Shorts (bright orange). (Sidenote: I love the names of nail polishes. My dream job is to be the person who comes up with them. The best one I've ever heard was called, "I'm Not Really Just A Waitress" - Ugh. LOVE.) They also have a bright blue, but personally I find any kind of blue immensely unattractive on toenails (because it looks like ten different hammers fell on all your toes and you're recuperating... ie. gross). 

I'm not even advising you to wear these kinds of colours all the time. At least once in awhile, though. I like to do it almost all the time because I crave attention. And when you're wearing this kind of hue? People talk to you a lot. Good people! Some not great people, but mostly good! And honestly, it just cheers me up to look down and see these guys on terrible, cold days. For sure that's a dumb thing to say, but I'm probably happier than you are... so I'm comfortable with that.