Horror Movie Tip

by Liz Heather in ,

Everyone either loves or hates horror movies, I've come to learn. While I certainly do not love them (with the slight exceptions of say The Blair Witch Project and, oh, the brilliant April Fool's Day) , I have learned not to hate them all as strongly. 

Reasons Why You're Allowed To Hate Them

  • They're just too loud. No one needs that.
  • When you're either falling asleep or walking those ten feet from your car to your front door or walking alone at night - you will inevitably think of something you saw in a horror movie once. Am I alone in this? This is a thing people do, yes?  And thus, you will become slightly... on edge. This feeling is awful. 
  • The sight of so much blood makes your stomach feel rough. 

Reasons You're A Loser For Hating Them

  • It's just a movie, dummy. Grow up.

Those first points are all acceptable reasons to hate these movies. However, at some point in your life, you will encounter someone (friend or mate) who loves them. What to do? Stand your ground and never see them? No, that's silly. (I'm looking at you, Paul AND Jenn). The surefire way to NOT become frightened when watching a scary movie is this: plug your ears. I swear to God this works. Obviously you still hear what's going on, but the fact that it becomes a bit muffled after you plug those ears? Totally tricks your brain into not feeling as much (if any) fear. I would tell you to close your eyes as well, but c'mon. We're adults.  

Try it out if you think I'm wrong. Swear it'll work. And have you seen April Fool's Day? Man. Get on that.