Moonstruck Chocolate in Portland, OR

by Liz Heather in ,

You know how sometimes I give you really specific food advice about certain goodies from extremely specific towns in North America? Well, it's only going to continue to happen. Why? BECAUSE I CAN! 

As you already know, my babefriend Jenn recently finished her first book tour. And while she was away, she brought me back some chocolates from a place called Moonstruck Chocolate Co. located in Portland, Oregon. The best (/most memorable) piece of chocolate I've had in a very long time was their Popping Praline that was amongst the Monster Mash Collection. 

It was tasty as hell and actually popped in my mouth - yeah, popping chocolate. I don't get it either. Not sure how anyone can make popping chocolate but I'm going to assume it has something to do with science. 

If you find yourself in Portland, OR - go check this place out. I'm sure there are other chocolate anomalies existing inside.