Anthropologie's Kitchen Items

by Liz Heather in


Do you see these bowls? DO YOU SEE THEM?! They're STORAGE CONTAINER bowls. Why are they so gorgeous? Oh, I don't know - maybe because some genius came up with the idea that EVERYTHING CAN BE PRETTY. 

This is coming across as angry and I'm really not mad right now. It just makes me sort of (pathetically) excited (just a bit) to know that containers like this exist. As soon as I learned of their presence in this world, I put them atop the list of things I need to buy immediately. So I guess all my ziplock containers can now officially EAT IT.

Cannot wait to get these. My fridge is going to flip the fuck out when she sees what kind of beauties I'm putting in her.

They're $8 each and available at Anthropologie. (Also, don't get me started on how sexy their regular cereal bowls are. Fuck.)