Gross Confession of the Day

by Liz Heather in

This is a new segment where I will divulge one of my gross personal habits. I’m pretty judgemental about the things I tell you to do and like, I realize - so to balance that out, I figured this would be a welcome addition and reminder of the fact that I’m just as gross as everyone else.

Confession #2:

I don’t wear deodorant. Nor have I ever. Why? Two reasons. (Well, it's really just the first reason mainly.)

  1. My mom never did - so she never taught me to, I guess.
  2. A homeless person on the subway once told me that using deodorant increases your chances to get breast cancer. Okay, okay, that might-be/IS completely unfounded. But a fourteen year old girl who hears that is definitely going to remember a statement like that, and it may or may not affect the rest of her life.

I told my boyfriend this no-wearing-deodorant fact finally at four years into our relationship and even then had to add the lie of, “Well, I’ll wear it if I’m working out or something…” which is definitely not true. But I had to add on some kind of lie since the initial confession was met with the most repulsed face I've ever seen him emote. I do keep travel-sized deodorants in my room, untouched, just incase someone sleeps over and is all, “Oh, I forgot mine. Can I use yours?” You have to have all your bases covered when you’re being especially gross, I've learned. I also use them in the summertime for other things, as you already know.

I like to think that I've trained my body to not smell all the time by not having the dependence on any deodorants. But maybe that's a crazy thought and you're sitting there being all, "Finally, I know why Liz stinks!" Anyway, we all have our things.

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