16 Acres

by Liz Heather in

I just watched this on Netflix and I thought it was really good. Not in an entertaining-good kind of way, but moreso in an I-didn't-know-any-of-this kind of way. And if you're like me and would watch anything 9/11 related (as I've stated before), then definitely check this out. It basically highlights the politics and drama surrounding the rebuilding of Ground Zero, and the 16 acres that now house 1WTC and the National September 11th Memorial and Museum. The trailer's above.

Also, this is what one of the proposed designs looked like, as shown in the film.

Is it just me or is that one of the most beautifully complex buildings you've ever seen? Man. Anyway, lots of stuff is covered in this movie - if you have any kind of interest in architecture or anything September 11th-related, then you'll really want to see this one.