by Liz Heather in ,

I know that I've mentioned my juicing to you once or twice before, but it's absolutely insane that I haven't done a post yet begging you to start juicing. I'm equally shocked and annoyed that I'm only writing this now. EVERYONE SHOULD OWN A JUICER.

I started making juices about a year and a half ago and there's no going back. Sure, I'll go through phases where I'll have one juice every two weeks. But there are definitely other times where you can't stop my juicing, and it'll happen at least six or seven times in one week. 

Facts About Juicing

  1. You will never become bored with it since there are EONS of different things you can make.
  2. Whatever you're feeling - there's a juice for that. Tired? Sick? Skin issues? THERE'S A JUICE FOR EVERYTHING. Just Google it! You'll find so many options that (I SWEAR TO GOD) will help your mood/affliction.
  3. You'll rely less and less on coffee when you start having juices. Also, everyone needs to get off coffee. (Coffee Crisp on the other hand? That needs to become available outside of Canada already. The world needs to experience this perfect chocolate bar.)
  4. You instantly become better than your friends who aren't juicing.

It even makes you more attractive.

Now when it comes down to choosing what juicer to buy? I've only owned two kinds and they're both great. The Breville was obviously better since it was more expensive and heartier, but the Jack LaLanne one? Sturdy as hell. JUST GET ONE, I DON'T CARE WHAT BRAND.

I post the juices that I intend to try over on this Pinterest board of mine, incase you're looking for something new. Oh! And if you haven't seen this movie yet, get on that immediately (I'm pretty sure it's on Netflix now, too).

(And if you think it's abnormal to still pine after a chocolate bar whilst blabbering on about how we all need to be healthier, well, you can go right to hell. It is my decision to better my life with juicing just as strongly as it is my decision to devour any Coffee Crisp in my line of sight, damnit.)