Martin Short on Howard Stern

by Liz Heather in

This is pretty much the first full Howard Stern interview I've listened to and it's a really good one. Maybe it's because it's of how much I love Martin Short - but also? Howard Stern's questions and general ease as a host are great and so easy to listen to. I feel like he says all of the things that I'd actually want to hear the answers to (ie. the complete opposite of a sit-down late night talk show interview). Has Howard Stern always been this good? I feel like he's said some stupid things in the past and I'd written him off completely for some reason for a long time. Really can't remember why. In any case, they're both great in this interview.

I've heard snippets of his Jim Carrey interview from last year and that one sounded like a good one too, so I'll be listening to that one next.