Fury of the Day - Rain Boot Rage

by Liz Heather in

No one wants wet feet. That's a universal truth, right? So by this logic, we all need to own a pair of rain boots. (Small sidenote: do men buy rain boots? Is that a thing? I've never seen them wearing them, if I really think about it. Is it 'cause they don't look manly? Fishermen wear them and they're a pretty manly type of man. Where the hell are all the men in rain boots? Does being a man mean that you just have a to endure bad weather with disgustingly wet feet all the time? Ugh. Well, I'm not a man, so I can't speak on this further. But if that is the case, men need to unite and make that not a thing. Dry feet for all!)

Worst Attributes of Rain Boots

  1. They look childish. All of them. And it doesn't matter if the brand is Hunter or Dirty Laundry, they all look like you're on your way to a school bus. And there's no way to create an upscale boot since you're always going to have to work with rubber. Fucking rubber
  2. Blisters. Everyone gets blisters from rain boots since your feet slide around so much inside of them. And I know what you're going to say, but maybe I don't want to wear two pairs of socks with grips on them! Next to wet feet, hot feet are absolutely disgusting.
  3. Unless you have an umbrella, rain still falls into the top of the boot when you're walking! Why the hell am I working so hard to keep my feet dry from the puddles on the ground when all of this is going to go to hell anyway since the sky rain is going to flood my boots and screw me?!
Not a rain boot, but I still feel her rage.

Not a rain boot, but I still feel her rage.

Why the hell has the rain boot design not changed in the last hundred years? Why is no one working on a better boot? SOMEONE WORK ON A BETTER BOOT!