Mets Free Giveaway Days

by Liz Heather in

As you may recall, I love the Mets. And one of the best things about going to a game at Citi Field? They have killer giveaways.

 Here's a list of what's being offered this season. (Bobbleheads are on the list! Do you know how good of a free gift that is?!)  

I went with Nathan recently and we got some Mets beach towels, as seen below. 

Mets vs. Marlins & Nathan vs. The Sun #citivision #mets #citifield

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Not only was it great to get that towel (we were really worried we wouldn't be one of the first 15,000 fans to get one), but I took that photo of him and hashtagged it on Instagram with #citivision - AND IT GOT FEATURED ON THE JUMBOTRON! My face nearly exploded when I saw that.

If you aren't impressed by Jumbotron action, get off my property