Friend Reminders

by Liz Heather in

I like to tell you how to organize your life, I realize, and I'll probably never stop.

That being said, are you constantly forgetting things? I'm not talking about important things, those are easy to remember. But the lesser-important things like:

  • A restaurant you want to try with a specific friend
  • An episode of some show that you need to force someone to watch
  • An anecdote that only your mom will find funny
  • An idea of a birthday gift for your boyfriend
  • ETC.

How are you supposed to remember these tiny, somewhat-insignificant thoughts? Why, in list form, of course! I use the Note Pad app on my phone for things like this and it's entitled "Friend Reminders" and in it I list my friends (and some family members) names and I bullet point things underneath each name that I have to remember to do or say to them the next time I see them. Does that seem like too much effort? No. And it shouldn't. Doing this lets my brain relax and focus on other things. And I highly encourage you start one if you've ever had trouble remembering nonsense.