In My Words

by Liz Heather in

I hate celebrity gossip/"news" more than anyone you'll probably ever meet. But you know this. Remember what I do to tabloid magazines? Well, there's a way to do that same type of thing - but on the internet.

It's a Chrome extension (called In My Words) that you can install on your computer that replaces any words or phrases that you're sick of seeing with words or phrases you'd prefer. Once you install it, you can browse the internet and never ever see the words/phrases that annoy you. For example, any overexposed celebrities that I can't seem to escape, I've replaced with just the word "irrelevant." Is that dumb? Maybe. Has it made my internet life much less irritating? Bigtime.

How it works :

  1. Add the extension to Google Chrome
  2. Click the Wrench icon, go to “Tools-> Extensions-> In My words”
  3. Click “Options”
  4. Enter words and their replacements
  5. Click Save and start browsing