Winter List 2017

by Liz Heather in

I love this season. That video above is one my mom took of our backyard last week and words can't express how happy I am that it's already started to snow in Canada. There's nothing lamer than a green Christmas. In any case, there are bunch of things I want to do this season.

  1. Drink a white Russian.

  2. Play board games with the family at Christmas.

  3. Finally eat at Raclette in NYC.

  4. Visit the new Oscar Wilde inspired bar.

  5. Build a snowman.

  6. Finally try whipped cream vodka in a hot chocolate.

  7. Successfully make a souffle for the first time.

  8. Take at least five bubble baths.

  9. Literally just sit and watch the snow fall.

  10. Mail out holiday cards.

There's nothing too wild or unique on that list, I realize, but I wanted some simple and easy things that I can fully enjoy since I'm fully in Christmas mode at the moment. Happy first day of winter!