Autumn List Revisited

by Liz Heather in

Autumn has come to a close, so it’s REVISITING THE AUTUMN LIST TIME. Don’t act like you aren’t interested.

  1. “Make an apple or pumpkin pie from scratch since I've never done that with anything other than a key lime pie, which (let’s be honest) is a crazy easy pie to make.” - Made this pumpkin pie that ended up being more like pumpkin mousse. Again, this was my first try so it makes sense that it wasn’t fantastic. Pies are hard. Glad to have tried it out, though.

  2. “Go to Downey’s for our annual visit.” - Course! It’d be mayhem if this somehow didn’t happen.

  3. “Take my niece Layla to her first Halloween Haunt at Canada’s Wonderland.” - Did it! Loved it!

  4. “Eat the thanksgiving croissant that’s available only in November at Momofuku Milk Bar.” - Ate it! As always, still amazing.

  5. “Make some sort of savory souffle.” - Ugh, I forgot to do this one. Still intending to one day.

  6. “Display and add to the miniature Halloween village that I set up on the windowsill each year.” - You know it, bitch!

  7. “Finally start This Is Us.” - Started! On episode two currently. Parts of it are… not good? I’m mostly speaking of any of the Kevin storyline, but that’s only based on one full episode so I shouldn’t be so quick to judge. Otherwise I like most everyone else.

  8. “Make at least two recipes from Chrissy Teigen’s new cookbook.” - Can’t even believe how hard I’m crushing this list, totally made two recipes. I detailed how they went in my October monthly roundup.

  9. “Do a couples costume with Baby Dog this year since Nathan will be out of town on Halloween.” - Cooooooooome on, of COURSE I did this.

  10. “Do some kind of Halloween craft with the kids.” - So I did do two crafts but they were kidless, hahah. Not even because there weren’t kids in the house, they were definitely there, but I think I was being really particular about how I wanted these crafts done? So I’m taking a half point here.

8.5/10 Whoa! You should be impressed.

Helloooooooo winter!