Spring List 2019 Revisited

by Liz Heather in

Honestly, this was the greatest spring, weather-wise, in recent memory. We actually had a real spring! Some rain, cool nights, and not unbearably early heat. Just unreal. And with the worst season officially arriving tomorrow, we shall revisit my spring list.

  1. Eat at a Michelin starred restaurant (bonus points if I finally make it to Casa Enrique).

    • All right, so I went to a Michelin-recommended place (L’Artusi), which isn’t the same thing but it’s on the right path. But still. Not the same. No point.

  2. Go on a mini spring trip.

  3. See Us in theatres.

    • So done! Even watched it again at home! I should get double points, but let’s not get crazy. (Such a good movie, too!)

  4. Read Lindy West’s new book.

    • The date of the book was pushed to autumn! So I’ll take it off the list until that time.

  5. Make the salted caramel chocolate pie from the Waitress musical pie book (they sold these mini pies at intermission and this. pie. was. insanity. and it needs to be made).

    • I looked EVERYWHERE to find this recipe and it simply isn’t available to the public. I even looked in the official Waitress pie cookbook to no avail. So I took a photo of what the ingredients are on the actual pie container and will one day attempt to make it, not knowing exact measurements.

So in total? 2/4 - Not “good” but let’s move on.

Now welcome to hell on earth… summer.