Summer List 2019 Revisited

by Liz Heather in



appalled dog.gif

How much of my summer list did I complete? Well, let’s see.

  1. “Eat the burger at Whit’s End in Rockaway.” - Totally ate it and it was wildly tiny. Good, but tiny. (You can see it over here.)

  2. “Successfully keep my houseplants alive for at least a full season.” - All right, look. I’ve learned that this is not my thing. Nathan is much better at keeping them alive, so it’s officially become his job in our house. I’ll collect no points for learning this fact.

  3. “Go on some sort of trip with Nathan to celebrate our ten year anniversary in August.” - Hell yeah we did! I wrote about it on my Vermont Part Two post.

  4. “Wear at least ten of my lipsticks over the course of summer (bonus point if I buy nothing from Sephora this summer).” - I think I wore five over the whole summer, which is pretty great for me considering I rarely wear the makeup I buy. And I did end up buying one thing from Sephora (the NARS concealer I like) as a replacement, so I won’t get the bonus point.

  5. “Go swimming at least twice.” - Fuck. Yes. SIX TIMES! Scatter my remains in someone’s pool, please. I belong there.

  6. “Go to the beach at least three times.” - Yep, three times! And really, three is enough. Anyone going more than three times should figure their life out.

  7. “See The Farewell in theatres.” - I did and loved it, everyone should see it.

  8. “Make these meatball stuffed garlic bread sliders.” - Okay, I did not. But only because July 4th was too hot to really use our oven, and I’m not gonna make 16 sliders for just Nathan & I (we’re not depressed anymore). Still want to make this someday, though.

  9. “Make the mushroom garganelli from L’Artusi.” - I made it and it was beautiful. I think I made it three times this summer? It even tastes good with the Banza pasta. It wasn’t the exact same as it is at the restaurant, but I mean… pretty close. I also didn’t make homemade pasta (too intimidating), so that’s probably why it wasn’t 100% the same.

  10. “Lay out & look at the stars.” - This sort of happened, only I didn’t lay on the ground. There are night bugs that live in the grass and I 1) didn’t want to kill them and 2) didn’t want them to kill me. But in Vermont, the sky was absolutely unreal at night, so I spent some time looking at them when we walked Baby Dog. Gotta do this more.

7.5 / 10 - Whoa! I mean, I’m impressed with that.

I really never thought this day would arrive… the last day of summer. Let us all bask in it in preparation for THE GREATEST TIME OF THE YEAR!