Fury of the Day - Beyonce & Pepsi

by Liz Heather in


Why does no one seem bothered by the Beyonce and Pepsi partnership? Is it because celebrities are constantly endorsing such terrible-for-everyone products? Have we all become immune to it but me? Why the hell am I so bothered by this? In amongst every other awful thing that is currently going on in this world today, why would this be something that sends me into a rage-filled diatribe?

These are questions that I don’t have the answers to. I have ideas on why, but no concrete answers. Possible ideas are listed below, in the form of a letter.

Dear Bey,

Are you going to be doing something amazingly kind and generous with this money that you’re making in this fifty million dollar endorsement? Are you going to end world hunger? Do you somehow have plans of secretly solving many world problems, that I just haven’t heard about yet? Surely, there is a greater good that will come out of this awful, awful idea to endorse such a company. Do you just hate Coke? Please tell me that’s what this is about. I could understand that. Do you honestly want people to see your beautiful mug on the side on a Pepsi can and encourage them to ruin their lives with such childish desires? Seriously, no judgment here - I just want to know what’s up. Why the hell would you be into this? You’re a billionaire. With a billionaire husband. And this doesn’t make you a “businesswoman”, this makes you seem like a joke. And you aren’t ‘cause, like, you promote a lot of healthy, great things for women in general, but also for people. So you can see why this just leaves me confused. 


I think the real thing that angers me is the fact that no one should glamorize/idealize this woman. I do that myself! Do I want to?! Of course not! That’s pathetic! But I can feel myself doing it because I’m but a mere mortal and can’t always ignore the subliminal things in my daily life that are constantly telling, “You must love Beyonce. Beyonce is perfect. You must love Beyonce.” In the past year or so, I feel like everyone and their brother has felt this way in some smaller form or another and it isn’t normal or healthy. It isn’t realistic or human to do that with anyone, but especially someone whom none of us know. I understand that management teams are especially amazing at what they do in this day and age (hers especially), but I just think that it’s getting out of control how we are all expected to worship this human/icon/product/whatever-you’d-like-to-call-her and freely accept with open arms whatever they endorse or tell us or encourage. I feel the same way about how some people are just in love about Oprah, no matter what. (Now, this is a personal thing, but I loathe Oprah for my own reasons, but have always thought that it’s so weird how she has such a cult-like following.)

Honestly, this whole post might as well be summed up as:

Yo, Beyonce… you know that Pepsi is terrible for you, right? What the fuck’s up with you telling me it’s great? Lame. People listen to you! What are you doing?! I guess you’re not that great afterall. Boooo! Peace.