Salmon Baked in Foil

by Liz Heather in ,

Before last Monday, I had never baked any type of fish in my life. Seemed too hard to do. Like, how to to know when something’s cooked or not is the main reason I tend not to venture into uncharted cooking territory.

However, I’m a growing woman and I need to do things outside my comfort level once in awhile. Also, ya know… eating right and all that garbage helps, too. 

I made this baked salmon and it tasted outrageously good. And keep in mind that the only fish I ever really eat/enjoy is the beautiful, hella deep-fried kind like the halibut at a Canadian fish and chips place (I have to specify and say Canadian since Americans do not know what amazing fish and chips taste like. I just… I refuse to ever get on board with cod as a substitute for halibut. Cod is just inferior. Go home, cod.)

It’s really easy to make (- I made it) and it tastes like something you’d pay someone to make for you. Plus, it’s a great meal to cook if you’re looking to impress someone since it looks fancy as hell.