Shake Shack Burgers

by Liz Heather in , ,


There is no other burger that tastes like these burgers. If you find yourself in NYC, Connecticut, Florida, Washington, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania or parts of the UK, Middle East or Turkey - seek it out. And eat the hell out of one of these burgers.

Some people think it’s the patty that makes it amazing - I would suggest that its glory comes from the potato bun. Those buns are too soft. Too dainty. Too fucking tasty. I really can’t say enough good things about these burgers. They make you want to live. (Edit note: not actually. They will definitely kill you if you overindulge over many years, don’t do that.)

Just go, all right? One of the very best I’ve ever ever ever had. The lineups are worth it. If you go with someone who’s all, “This line is too long, it can’t be worth it!” - I can only advise you to spit upon that person and say, “Good day.” These burgers are definitely worth waiting for.