by Liz Heather in

There are plagues everywhere. There is sickness and disease that is everywhere. Everyone tries to hide from these things - the darkness and the shadows. It is just a matter of time till it finds you. I know that. I cannot outrun it. I can’t hide from it. There is nowhere to go. It is my wish to embrace it, to be alone in the middle of the crowd. I know this is all an illusion, a dream. It must come to an end. Nothing too good lasts too long. I can see the hope in everyone’s faces. I know they’re all searching for something. They’re all chasing a great dream. Each of them wants to better themselves. They’re all looking for answers. What they don’t realize is that they have found it already. They have found it in one another. And, as always, the world outside is waiting for us. Waiting patiently to take us away.
— Harmony Korine, writer of the movie Mister Lonely