Trader Joe's Tea Tree Products

by Liz Heather in ,


All right, I use all these guys. I’m not gonna go really deep into why they’re great to use, but here are a few tiny points:

  • they’re relatively inexpensive
  • I can understand every ingredient written on the back labels
  • smells amazing
  • it just feels cleaner than using other stuff from a drugstore

All right, that last point wasn’t terribly scientific. But honestly, the best part of using this stuff is when you leave it on for a little bit (I’m only speaking about the shampoo and the body wash right now) longer than you’re supposed to — there’s this tingling sensation that happens that just sort makes your shower seem more fun? If that makes any sense? If you’re intrigued by that statement, then perhaps you should just buy some (or visit me and try some) to see what I mean. 

If you’re in New York, you can obviously get them at Trader Joe’s and you can get them online at Amazon. Fantastic products.