Sitcom Halloween Episodes - The Final Part

by Liz Heather in

Shows That Had Only One or Two Great Halloween Episode (with links!)

  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Season Four - Hex and the Single Guy (click that link, then click Create Streaming Link, then type in the words/numbers given and click Continue To Video and you should be good) (Also, I know that Fresh Prince had another Halloween episode, but this one was world's better, so it's the only one worth mentioning.)
  • Saved by the Bell - Season Three - Mystery Weekend (click that link, then click the white arrow in the middle, then click the tiny arrow on the bottom left side) (And yes, I realize this isn't a Halloween one, calm yourself.)
  • Blossom - Season Three - All Hallows Eve Part One, Part Two, Part Three
  • Bob's Burgers - Season Three - Full Bars
  • Living Single - Season Two - Trick or Trust
  • Modern Family - Season Two - Halloween and Season Four's Open House of Horrors

Shows That Had Some Great Halloween Episodes, But Didn't Quite Make The Cut With Me

  • Family Matters - I just wasn't really in the mood for "Stevil" this Halloween, maybe next year.
  • Night Court
  • Perfect Strangers
Can't even tell you how giddy this screenshot always makes me. 

Can't even tell you how giddy this screenshot always makes me. 

If you're wondering where my Simpsons Halloween post is - aww, you're really cute. Of course I love those episodes, but I can't possibly list my favourites for you to peruse. That's the joy of watching those episodes, picking and choosing a few different ones to watch each year since there are so many to choose from!  

The Only Episodes I Just Couldn't Find Links To For You Fine, Beautiful People

  • The special, two-part season six Halloween episode of Growing Pains