Bayberry Candles on Christmas Eve & New Year's Eve

by Liz Heather in , ,

Light a bayberry candle on Christmas Eve and allow it to burn completely until it goes out on its own, as shortly after midnight as possible. After midnight, the closer to midnight it burns out on its own, the more prosperous one will be in the new year. You can do this on New Year’s Eve, also.

I don't usually write about upcoming posts for my Mom Says section, but this is the one exception. And I'm writing about it so early in December so that you have time to order these candles if for some strange reason you actually LISTEN to my advice. (I always buy them off Amazon since they seem to be the cheapest on there.) (And they're surprisingly hard to find in candle shops.)

Anyway, where does this tradition/superstition come from? Lots of places, apparently. Just Google "legend of the bayberry candle" and you'll see for yourself. Why do I do it? Well, because my mom is probably the luckiest person I know and if she tells me to burn a candle, then I'm gonna burn that candle. 

This bayberry candle comes from a friend,

so on Christmas Eve burn it to the end.

For a bayberry candle burned to the socket,

will bring joy to the heart, and gold to the pocket.
— Legend of the Bayberry Candle Poem