Tip of the Day - Use Lemon!

by Liz Heather in

I love the smell of Pine-Sol. It's probably my favorite smell of all time. When I was a kid, my mom would specifically clean the whole house with Pine-Sol on my birthday, so that when I came home from school it would make my day even brighter. While I prefer the original, sometimes she'd try out their "lemon fresh" and it would affect me in the same, magnificent way. 

Anyway, I never really put any thought into why it put me in such a good mood until recently. Apparently, if you use lemon in more things in your daily routine, it has the ability to boost your state of mind and general happiness. Now I don't want you to scream at me demanding to know where I found this scientific information, so I'll just shut you up right now and say that I read about it in a bunch of aromatherapy research sites. All right? 

These sites basically just suggest that the scent of lemon oil can lift spirits. So if you were to add lemon zest to iced tea or water on a regular basis, that's supposed to do wonders.